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مُجيد: Bahwan Engineering Company L L C

شركة بهوان الهندسية ش.م.م

معلومات المؤسسة

الهاتف: 22340654
موقع الإنترنت: www.bahwanengineering.com

العنوان البريدي:
صندوق البريد: 703
الرمز البريدي: 112 Muscat

نبذه عن المؤسسة:

Bahwan Engineering Group is the leader in construction of multi-disciplinary projects, facility management (operation and maintenance) and trading employing over 17,000 people. It represents various leading manufacturers like Carrier, OTIS, Cummins, Marley, Armstrong, Chloride etc. Throughout the years, Bahwan Engineering Group embarked on construction of many prestigious projects for airport  infrastructure utilities and terminals building, hospitals, hotels and commercial complexes.     

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